The Art of the Essay. It’s about personal essays. We’re digging deep into short essays we read and prying out the meaning. It’s given me confidence in my writing.
Kiana Davis
Organic Chemistry. Not only did Professor Rojas engage us with colorful chalks and big molecular models, but he also recited poetry in class.
Hye-Jin Yun
My favorite class was a guided reading on religion and politics in modern America. There were only four students.
Betsy Wade
Reacting to the Past. I was assigned to be part of an angry mob during the French Revolution.
Julia Qian
My most inspiring class

One campus, many voices

Barnard's extraordinary cultural, ethnic, geographic, racial, and religious diversity creates an environment for living and learning that places special value on each student’s voice. In classrooms, lounges, residence halls—everywhere Barnard people gather—these voices build confidence and spark inspiration. At Barnard, conversations on our campus and in our classrooms explore how women learn to navigate their multiple identities in the global community. Every student here benefits from Barnard’s unusual diversity, one that goes well beyond ethnicity and allows each person’s identity to help shape the Barnard experience.

On a Barnard education

“At Barnard, you will be able to immerse yourself in the joys and rigors of a classical liberal arts education, an education that will prompt you to explore the world from a variety of different perspectives and through the lenses of multiple disciplines. Your job is to decide how to fashion these perspectives into a world that makes sense to you and then, over time, how to shape your own role within it.”

Debora Spar, Former President of Barnard College