You’ll be matched with an academic adviser that you’ll meet with regularly throughout the year. Your adviser will guide you through policies and procedures and make sure you’re on track with your classes and fulfilling your degree requirements. In your sophomore year, you’ll select an adviser from the department in which you’re majoring.

Barnard truly cares about each and every individual in a holistic manner. I have never been in an environment where everyone wants you to succeed this much.
Mackenzie Collins
My adviser, Professor Kim Marten, has been an invaluable resource to me. I am so lucky to be able to walk into her office or shoot her an email and can always expect honest and helpful advice.
Rohini Sengupta
The best part of being at Barnard is being immersed in a community that is conscious of the challenges you face as a woman, and being surrounded by women and administration from all backgrounds who ar
Adriana Moore
How has Barnard been supportive for you?

People who can help

Academic Fellows: Peers offer help and support for particular courses in a small-group setting.
Writing Fellows: Peers serve as educated readers who help you convey your message clearly.
Speaking Fellows: Peers help you craft, prepare, and deliver presentations and take part in class discussions.
Personal Librarians: In your first year, you’ll be matched with a librarian who will serve as your go-to person for all things library-related.
Career Development Office: Professionals and peers help you assess your strengths, choose a major, narrow down career interests, ready your tools, find an internship, and plan for a career.