Séverine Autesserre- Assistant Professor of Political Science

After years working as an international humanitarian for Doctors Without Borders, Séverine Autesserre was offered positions from both the United N

Kaiama Glover- Assistant Professor of French

Kaiama Glover never expected to add television host to her résumé.

John Glendinning- Neuroscience and Behavior

From Japanese macaques to tobacco hornworms, John Glendinning has studied many creatures.

Mary Gordon ’71- Millicent C. McIntosh Professor in English and Writing

A graduate of Barnard, Professor Gordon is the author of four bestselling novels.

My faculty friends at other institutions are amazed when I tell them what I am able to do both in class and out with Barnard students.
Kim Hall, Lucyle Hook Professor of English
When you walk in the classroom and see nearly 40 women tackling physics, you feel you’re defying every prejudice and every hampering stereotype out there.
Janna Levin ’88, associate professor of physics and astronomy
Students help me think through issues in my own research. They have a fresh perspective. Sometimes you can get caught up in your own field, and it’s good to have someone challenge you.
Kimberley Johnson, associate professor of political science and director of the Urban Studies Program
I know how much I benefited from interactions I had with faculty here. I try to have those same interactions with the students that I’m teaching and mentoring now.
Marisa Buzzeo ’01, Barnard graduate and assistant professor of chemistry
Why I teach at Barnard

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show welcomes Prof. Kimberly Marten as featured guest

Professor Kimberly Marten, an expert on Eurasian politics and affairs, was a featured guest on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. She and host Jon Stewart covered a range of topics in their discussion, centering on Russian military intervention in Crimea and what Vladimir Putin needs to do to quell escalating international tensions.

Many students want to know how taking classes in high school differs from taking courses at college. It is a difficult question to answer but, as a recent Barnard graduate, I will try and share my four years of experience with you as best I can….

Dance legend Twyla Tharp, a 1963 graduate of Barnard, is a distinguished guest artist at Barnard for the 2014-2015 academic year, leading lectures, master classes, interdisciplinary projects, workshops, and more on campus. “I am proud to have attended Barnard. The experiences I had, and lessons I learned here, have been invaluable,” said Twyla Tharp. Read more.

Barnard has a 10:1 student-faculty ratio