When you’re ready to experience a different part of the world, Barnard has more than 150 study abroad programs on six continents. Barnard also runs its own Barnard in Israel program, which includes intensive Hebrew language learning and an internship with an alumna. You can study, volunteer, teach, or intern abroad.

Students capture their international experience in photos

Barnard’s annual SNAP photo contest showcases the images that students capture during their international experiences. 

Reaching out to women around the world

Barnard collaborates with women leaders in other countries during the annual Global Symposium, when students and faculty members arrange for discussions on everything from women’s roles to world issues.

Faculty members go global

Barnard faculty members have lived, researched, worked, and studied all over the world. See where their research has taken them lately.


A student's view of studying abroad

“Studying abroad in South Africa was an incredible experience. It pushed me out of my comfort zone—I bungee jumped the highest bungee jump bridge in the world! Also, my classes gave me a whole new perspective. I was studying the politics of gender, sexuality, and race in the context of South Africa and neighboring countries such as Botswana.”  

Adriana Moore, senior from Sacramento, California; women’s, gender and sexuality studies and human rights major

More than 30 percent of Barnard’s graduating seniors have studied abroad in more than 45 countries.