College Course Credit

Enrolling students may not receive Barnard credit for any college courses taken in high school if the credits have already been counted toward the high school diploma. As of September 2018, up to 16 points of Barnard credit may be awarded for courses taken as a non-matriculated student at an accredited college in the United States, during the academic year. Such work will be evaluated after the completion of one semester (at least 12 credits) at Barnard. Courses must have been given by a college professor on a college campus and have been open to college students. Summer school courses must follow the above criteria and must meet for at least 35 hours over at least five weeks.

Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Credit

As of September 2018, Barnard students may be awarded up to 16 credits for Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate. Students need to score at least a 4 on the AP exam to earn credit and/or exemptions from requirements (some exams may require a 5). Students who have received an International Baccalaureate diploma may receive credit for the number of points indicated on the diploma, up to a maximum of 16 points. For students who have taken IB courses, but do not have the diploma, credit is generally awarded for higher level IB scores of 6 or 7 (and some 5). The maximum credit a student may earn is 16 points for AP plus IB credit. Please visit the college's website for more information on credits awarded for AP and IB scores.

Credit for Select National Examinations and Diplomas

Students who complete the French Baccalaureate, the German Arbitur or the Italian Maturità may be awarded up to 16 credits. We may grant similar credit for the Israeli Bagrut. Each GCE A-level or A2-level grade is individually evaluated for college credit. No credit is given for O-level or AS-level examinations. Credit is granted when a student enters Barnard. Credit for other national exams or diplomas will be evaluated for college credit on a case-by-case basis.