Requirements and Deadlines

Admitted students who wish to defer enrollment at Barnard for up to one year must obtain permission from the Dean of Admissions by completing the Gap Year Request Form within their application portal after admission. Students are not allowed to matriculate at another institution during that year and should relinquish their space on any wait lists for other institutions. Written deferral requests must be received by February 1 for students admitted Early Decision and April 24 for students admitted Regular Decision. Students admitted from a waiting list cannot defer their admission. Deferral requests do not factor into evaluations or committee decisions. Students can only defer for up to one year.  Transfer students are not permitted to defer their enrollment.


Seminary Study

Each year we have students who defer for the year to study at a variety of seminaries in Israel; however, in general, academic credit is not awarded for study at religious seminaries. Students may receive academic credit for Hebrew language after their return if they score appropriately on the Hebrew language placement examination given on campus during Orientation. Students who plan to study full-time at Bar Ilan, Ben Gurion, Haifa, Tel Aviv, or Hebrew University will not be granted a deferral and must reapply as transfer students.


For more information or to request a deferral, please email Jennifer Fondiller, Dean of Enrollment Managment, at