In lieu of an official high school transcript, the student must submit a complete listing, by year, of all courses that were taught at home. The student should also list the books that she read and she must indicate how her performance was assessed and include that assessment (teacher comments, actual grade, etc.). If the student has attended a high school for any period of time, she must submit official high school transcripts of any/all high school work. Additionally, like all applicants, if the student has enrolled in any college courses, she must submit official college transcripts. Homeschooled applicants do not need to obtain a GED.

Teacher Recommendations

If you are unable to acquire traditional teacher recommendations, the applicant may submit two letters of recommendation from individuals who have taught the student in some form of an educational setting, such as a tutor, a research adviser or an academic internship mentor. The instructor must answer all of the questions posed on the teacher recommendation form. Although parents are usually the primary teachers for students who are home schooled, we do not accept parent letters of recommendation as the only recommendation. We must receive a letter assessing the student's academic performance from a non-parent. If parents were the only individuals involved in teaching the student, then the student should obtain letters from employers (paid or volunteer work) or individuals with whom she may have been involved in volunteer activities.



If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Jennifer Fondiller, Vice President for Enrollment, at