On-Campus Interviews                                                                             

Schedule an On-campus interview


Interviews are available on-campus for high school seniors (or rising seniors) only, Monday through Friday, from June through mid-December. Weekend interviews may also be available on select dates during the fall semester. Do not wait until you submit your application before scheduling an interview! Our interview slots fill up quickly, with no waiting list. We recommend scheduling an appointment at least three weeks in advance. Please note that interviews are not available for transfer applicants. PLEASE NOTE: If you are admitted to a Barnard Pre-College Program, please do not sign up for an interview via the link above. PCP students will receive a special link via email for timeslots that correlate with your program during your time on campus. 


Off-campus Alumnae Interviews

If you are unable to travel to campus, you may choose to arrange an off-campus interview with a trained alumna interviewer in your local area. Alumnae interviews take place between mid-September and December and are available only to students who live outside the tri-state metropolitan area (New York [New York City & the boroughs, Long Island, Westchester & Putnam Counties], New Jersey, and Connecticut). Students who live too far for an in-person interview with an alumna may be scheduled for a phone or Skype interview. Due to limited availability, students should register for an interview early. The registration for alumnae interviews is available in mid to late August.


InitialView interviews for China and South Korea 

For students in China and South Korea, we often have far fewer alumnae interviewers than we have requests. Additionally, the time difference between the United States and Asia further complicates our ability to offer Skype interviews, so we have connected with the organization below to offer comprehensive and convenient interviews. For one fee, they will send your interview video/report to all of the colleges on your list. If you are concerned that fees would present a hardship for you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact us for an alternate solution.