Natasha Abaza

Major: Architecture (Urban Planning: Ecology and Infrastructure)

Hometown: Amman, Jordan

High School: King's Academy

Activities: President of The Bull Session- International Discussion Society; Peer Tutor for Arabic and Calculus; Turath Arab Association Secretary; Graphic Designer for Columbia’s Undergraduate Law Review Magazine (CULR); Harvard’s School of Design Summer Program; Researcher at Columbia Research Center in Jordan; Social Media Consultant for the Jordanian Parliament member Reem Badran; Assistant at Turath Architecture Firm; Teacher Assistant at King’s Academy

“Moving to a college halfway across the world, I was told to expect homesickness and lots of lonely nights. But the first thing I noticed when coming to Barnard was a warm welcome, and during my years here I have made a second family. The Architecture department, with all its professors, staff, and students, has become the best support system that any student could hope for. What I’ll miss most about school is pulling all-nighters in Lewisohn, rushing to print the final boards, and even sharing glue while building models. All these experiences are what brought us closer together - they are what made us family.”



Nell Bailey 

Major: Theatre

Minor: English and Political Science 

Hometown: Bristol, United Kingdom 

High School: St Mary Redcliffe 

Study Abroad: Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London, UK 
Columbia in Paris at Reid Hall, France (Translating Theatre Program)

Activities: Assistant Producer for Early Day Films and End of Moving Walkway Theatre Company, Intern for the Athena Film Festival 2017-18, Researcher for Professor Hana Worthen, Barnard Events Management employee, National Youth Theatre member/associate, Bristol Old Vic Young Company Member, Sutton Trust Alumni and Volunteer, Actor for Barnard Theatre Department, Actor and Dramaturge for Student Theatre Groups: Kings Crown Shakespeare Company, Columbia University Players, NOMADS, Latenite, CUSS*, Installation Manager for Postcrypt Art Gallery

“My favorite thing about Barnard is the people. Whether it’s the students or the faculty, you are constantly surrounded by passionate, intelligent people from whom you can learn as much in conversation as you can in the classroom. Beyond the creative atmosphere these people bring to campus life, I have also met lifelong friends, whose love and support I know I will carry with me through the rest of my life. To have met so many people from a multitude of backgrounds, and to have worked with them in academic and creative settings, has formed my worldview, and structured the person I am today.”


Claire Burghard 

Major: Biology 

Minor: French

Hometown: New York, NY

High School: Stuyvesant High School 

Study Abroad: Columbia in Paris at Reid Hall

Activities: Senior Museum Apprentice at the Brooklyn Museum, Intern in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, President of the Stuyvesant Theater Community (STC), Executive Producer for SING!, Member of the Big Sibs Program, Writing Fellow for the Stuyvesant Writing Center, Undergraduate Research Intern in the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Head Fellow for the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), EMT-B and Scheduling and Administrative Lieutenant with the Central Park Medical Unit, Head Writing Fellow and Science Writing Fellow, Undergraduate Research Intern in the Design for Biology Center at the Institut Pasteur, Counselor and Health and Facilities Coordinator at Camp Chief Ouray, Barnard Student Admissions Representative (BSAR), Orchesis: A Dance Group

“My favorite thing about Barnard is the very special intellectual and social energy on campus. It is simultaneously competitive and supportive; my peers and teachers are constantly challenging me, but also guiding and encouraging me in my college journey. Barnard students are excited about their classes and activities, and are always pushing themselves and each other to use their interests and knowledge to better their communities and the world. Barnard students are just as caring and kind-hearted as they are intelligent and hard-working.”


Nushrat Chowdhury 

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology 

Hometown: Queens, NY 

High School: Bronx High School of Science 

Activities: Academic Computing Expert at Barnard College Information Technology, Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Pischedda lab, Coordinator and Volunteer for Columbia University Project Tutors, Volunteer for Student Health Outreach, Volunteer for Mt. Sinai and St. Luke’s Hospitals, Patient Advocate for ECHO Free Clinic, Volunteer for the ASPCA, Volunteer for Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST), McIntosh Activities Council (McAC), Barnard Babysitting, Barnard Summer Research Institute, The Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University Medical Campus, Mount Sinai Hospital Sinai Research Associates, Clinical Intern for Lorraine Chrisomalis-Valasiadis, MD (BC ’83)


"My favorite class was The Social History of American Public Health taught by Professor James Colgrove. As someone who has a strong inclination towards the sciences, I’ve always been intimidated by classes that were graded solely on papers. However, with the help of an incredible TA, I discovered my interest for researching disease epidemics that have occurred throughout US history. The class was the perfect intersection of medical knowledge and social history, and really brought up important ethical and moral questions about how the American public health system has been shaped and continues to change. I aspire to work with medically underserved areas in the future, and this class heightened my passion to do just that.”


Demme Durrett 

Major: American Studies (Politics and Popular Culture/Human Rights)

Minor(s): Art History

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

High School: The John Cooper School 

Study Abroad: Interned abroad in Rome, Italy 

Activities: Athena Scholar, President of the Athena Student Advisory Board, Editor-in-Chief of On Our Terms Undergraduate Leadership Journal, Representative for the Class of 2019, Member of SGA’s Committee on Arts and Culture, McAC Spirit Week Chair and Wellness Member, Meet Me at the Museum Tour Guide and Curriculum Committee, Barnard Babysitting Agency, Senior Fund Co-Chair, Barnard Bulletin writer, HerCampus Assistant Blog Editor, Vice President of Smart Women Lead, Athena Film Festival Staff, Columbia Law School Mentorship Program

Internships: US Embassy to the Vatican, Athena Center for Leadership Studies, International Human Rights Summit at the UN, The Office of US Senator Ted Cruz

Fellowships: Athena Grant Recipient, Tow Fellowship Recipient, PLEN Fellow Recipient 

"My favorite thing about Barnard is the vibrancy of the Barnard community. Regardless of their specific interests (of which a Barnard student undoubtedly has many), students here are so incredibly passionate about what they do. I love the fact that I can sit down with someone in the Diana and learn about a topic that I’ve never heard of. I love that I can see a performance that features another side to my brilliant peers. By coming to Barnard, I have been exposed to a whole new world of thought, interest, and opportunity for which I am forever grateful.”


Lila Etter

Major: Spanish & Latin American Cultures (Art History Concetration)

Minor(s): Ancient Studies

Hometown: Essex, Massachusetts

High School: Manchester-Essex Regional High School 

Study Abroad: CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts in Seville, Spain 

Activities: Facilitator for Columbia AllSex; Tour guide for Meet Me at the Museum; Barnard Babysitter; Orientation Leader for NSOP; Residential Teaching Assistant for Academic Success & Enrichment Program; Gallery Assistant, Alexander and Bonion

Internships: Gallery Assistant, L'Antiquaire & The Connoisseur, Inc; Studio Assistant, Art Research Collaboration Studio 

Fellowships: Liman Foundation New York City Arts Fellowship; Barnard Speaking Fellow; Barnard Teaching Fellow

"What I'll miss most about Barnard- and what I missed while aborad- is the sense of community on this campus. Everyone here cares so much- about their studies, activities, and especially about each other. That dedication to one another is what makes Barnard shine. I never feel alone here, even when I'm by myself in the library doing homework. As author Marina Keegan said in her graduation speech, "What I'll miss most is the invisible net that binds a college together: it's the opposite of loneliness." 


Safia Lakhani 

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

High School: Blue Valley North High School

Study Abroad: Nairobi, Kenya

Activities: Governing Board at Barnard, South Asian Millennials Conference, Aga Khan Mentor, South Asian Feminism(s) Alliance, BRAVA Investments - Summer Fellow, Program Director of South Asian Millennials Conference, Executive Chair of Governing Board at Barnard, Program Director of Greek Games, Candidate for Athena Scholars Program

“I chose to attend Barnard precisely because of my peers. When I visited Barnard for the first time during admitted students weekend, I met some of the most phenomenal women who were soon to be my classmates—entrepreneurs, writers, activists, computer scientists, actors and so much more. Though we came from diverse backgrounds, we were all united by a common commitment to excellence. Being in my peers’ presence for a mere weekend was so emboldening, that I decided to come back for four more years.”


Jade Levine 

Major: Urban Studies(Sociology)

Minor(s): Environmental Science

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

High School: Princeton High School

Study Abroad: DIS Copenhagen: Environmental Science of the Arctic - Copenhagen, Denmark

Activities: Zine and Communications Assistant at the Barnard Library, Co-Leader of Barnard Zine Club, Crew Chief and Orientation Leader for NSOP (New Student Orientation Program), WBAR DJ, Collegium Musicum, Pine Tree Scholars (book arts program), Barnard Bartending, Counselor and Workshop Leader at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, Yasna Voices choir, and the Arete Project, Programs Intern at the Columbus Amsterdam Business Improvement District

"One of my favorite classes at Barnard has been American Monument Cultures, which was a five-week mini-course in the Art History department. The course was inspired by the heightened national discussion about the politics of monuments after the August 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. We learned about the history and politics behind Confederate monuments and memorials all over the US, and ended the course with our own site-based projects by making podcasts about monuments in Manhattan. The class was an experimental mini-course that combined lecture, discussion, and hands-on learning in a way I had never experienced before. Though most of the students were not Art History majors, Professor Hutchinson made sure we were all able to engage with the material in a meaningful way.”



Surbhi Lohia 

Major: Computer Science

Minor(s): Economics

Hometown: San Jose, CA

High School: Notre Dame San Jose High School

Activities: Chair of Senior Fund, SGA Class of 2019 Vice President & Class Representative, Barnard Student Admissions Representative, Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs, Assistant VP for PR & Marketing at Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, ADI Computer Science Mentorship Program, Secretary of the Columbia University Club Zamana, Columbia University Bhangra Dance Team, Barnard Babysitting, Computer Science Presidential Task Force Member, Athena Digital Design Agency, Athena Center Scholar, Program Manager

Internships: Microsoft, Software Engineering, Reltio, Product Manager Intern at the Skimm, Tow Foundation Scholarship Grantee 2017, HBS Peek Weekend Attendee 2018

“There is a certain spark that sets Barnard students apart from other college students: an intrinsic drive to better the community, take on leadership initiatives and fight the patriarchy, all while taking on rigorous academic courses, being involved in athletic teams and clubs, and holding summer internships and jobs. Barnard students have an internal motivation to do it all and do it well. Barnard students are also seeing and noticing the connections in the world as well - a drive to connect what they learn in the classroom with what they see in the news and with the way they interact with the world. This way of thinking and doing while being interdisciplinary in their studies, is the true trademark of a Barnard student.”



Charlotte Rauner 

Major: Economics and Social History

Hometown: Englewood, NJ

High School: The Abraham Joshua Heschel High School

Activities: Writing Fellow; Editor-In-Chief of The Current; President of Challah for Hunger, Credit Rating Analyst, S&P Global; Compliance and Business Analyst Intern, Thesys CAT LLC; Special Projects Intern, Bovitz, Inc; Marketing and Development Intern, Food Bank for New York City; Teaching Assistant, Writopia Lab

“Through my social and academic experiences, Barnard has created spaces that highlight the importance of asking questions. The initial curiosity I had entering Barnard has been fully realized because I am now pushed to know, to ask why, and to vocalize what is challenging me. I will miss the invitation to question or be unsure, yet I know that this element of what makes Barnard a home is an unparalleled gift.”



Aneliza Ruiz 

Major: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: East Los Angeles, CA

High School: Pioneer High School

Activities: Extended Barnard Reach Out, Mujeres Board, Well Woman Peer Educator, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, Community Assistant for Social Justice Education for Student Life, Residential Assistant, PUENTE Learning Center Community Outreach Intern, Arts in the Armed Forces Fall Intern, SROP at University of Michigan

“My favorite thing about Barnard is the community. Barnard is a place that not only fosters great academics and leaders, but also gives space for care and support, which allows us all to flourish. This is without a doubt one of the most intellectually stimulating and challenging spaces I have ever been, and that challenge is equally met by the love students, staff, and faculty share for each other. I am constantly amazed by the love, time, and energy that is given to me by students, staff, and faculty, that want to see me and every other student here feel successful and fulfilled. The beauty, diversity, and talents of our community are very indicative of the kind of support and care we give each other.”



Hattie Shaw 

Major: Africana Studies

Hometown: Washington, DC

High School: Maret School

Activities: Dance, Musical Theater, Girl Scouts, Chamber Choir, Tutor, Resident Assistant (AY: 2015-16), Barnard Babysitter, Well-Woman Peer Educator, Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters, Preschool Teacher at the Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center

“My favorite thing about Barnard is the small class sizes because they facilitate stronger, potentially more informal, relationships with professors. In my time at Barnard, most of my classes have had less than 50 people in them, meaning that, for better or worse, most of my professors have known exactly who I am. Furthermore, a few of my professors (especially those in my major), have taught at least two of my classes in my four years or are connected to my college life in other ways (club advisor, department chair, etc.). This has meant that most of my professors and I are well acquainted with each other - allowing us to communicate openly and honestly about academics and life in general. Through the support and honesty that I have received over the last four years from my professors, I have improved exponentially as a student and grown as a person in ways that I will be forever grateful.”



Ruthie Sherman 

Major: Sociology 

Hometown:Bethesda, MD

High School: Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Activities: Co-Founder and Co-President of Barnard Criminal Justice Initiative, Tutor for The Petey Greene Program, Barnard Liman Fellow, Columbia Pre-Law Mentorship Circle

Internships: Legal Research Fellow for Columbia Law School Mass Incarceration Clinic

“I’ll miss the intentional character of the Barnard community. Barnard women are directionally empowered - where they are focused on impacting some piece of the world in a meaningful way. This empowerment fuels the entire Barnard community to both explore what they want to change in the world and have the energy to enact that change. Even though I’ll miss being surrounded by such incredible women, I know that the Barnard community goes well beyond the boundaries of campus.”



Hayley Tillett 

Major: English (Creative Writing) 

Hometown: Olympia, WA 

High School: Charles Wright Academy

Activities: Writer of the 124th Annual Varsity Show; The Upright Citizens’ Brigade Comedy Writing and Performance Classes, writer for The Fed (Columbia’s satirical newspaper) and Columbia University Sketch Show (CUSS); NSOP 2018 Orientation Leader; Barnard Babysitting Agency

Internships: Editorial Intern & article contributor at Above Average Productions; avid cyclist both in New York and abroad (cycled from Dublin, Ireland to Marseille, France over Summer 2018); Chess Coach to elementary-age girls in Manhattan

“Among the nation’s undergraduate colleges, Barnard is truly in a class of its own. No other college provides the intellectual intimacy of a liberal arts education in tandem with the resources of a major research university, all within the environment of one of the most opportunity-rich cities in the world. Nowhere else would I be able to grow my career as a Comedy Writer alongside my pursuit of a diverse liberal arts education under the mentorship of a world-class and genuinely caring faculty. I simply cannot imagine being anywhere else.”