Angela Beam

Major: Political Science

Minor: American Government and Politics

Hometown: Boerne, TX

High School: Boerne-Samuel V. Champion High School

Activities: President of the Student Government Association,  Vice President of Campus Life, Representative for College Relations, Committee on Arts and Culture, and Committee on Intercollegiate Relation, Student Representative for the Presidential Search Committee, Research Assistant to Professor Michael Miller in the Department of Political Science, President of the Seven Sisters Coordinating Board, Barnard Babysitting Agency, Orientation Leader for the Barnard New Student Orientation Program (NSOP), Columbia Law School Mentorship Program, Illustrator for the Columbia Daily Spectator, Volunteer and Coordinator for  Columbia Community Impact: Artists Reaching Out, Student Ambassador for the Barnard Alumnae Reunion

Internships: Lansner & Kubischek, Federal Defenders of New York, Capalino+Company, SKDKnickerbocker, Eleanor’s Legacy, Senator Chuck Schumer, Her Little Story, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

Quote: "I will miss everything about Barnard— The intellectual engagement and stimulating discourse; the life changing, ever-present mentorship from both faculty and staff; Diana breakfast sandwiches; the encouragement to enact tangible change, both on campus and in the world; the warmth of the Liz’s Place staff; living and learning in New York City; being surrounded by the most incredible, talented, driven individuals I have ever met. I will miss it all.”



Brittany Berke

Major: Theatre

Concentration(s): Directing

Minor: English

Hometown: Rockville Centre, NY

High School: South Side High School

Activities: Assistant Director and Actor for Barnard Theatre Department, Director for Glicker-Milstein Summer Theatre Festival 2016 & 2017, Stage Manager for Barnard Senior Thesis Festival, Columbia Spectator Theatre Associate, Director and Dramaturge for Student Theatre Groups: Columbia Musical Theatre Society, Latenite, Nomads, New Opera Workshop, and CU Players.

Study Abroad: University College London Affiliate English Pr

Internships: New Georges’ Works on Water at 3LD, Theatre Communications Group, Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Theatre for a New Audience, Old Bethpage Village Restoration

Quote:  “There are endless creative opportunities at Barnard. As a Theatre major, I have access to the wonderfully supportive Barnard Theatre Department as well as to an extensive network of student theatre groups. Every individual can find a way to get involved, be it writing sketch comedy, doing orchestrations for original musicals, designing lights for a Shakespeare play, or anything beyond and in between. Barnard is not a place of competition and exclusivity in making art, but rather one of mutual support for creating beautiful and important work. These creative experiences, in all of their unique forms, are my favorite thing about Barnard.”



Sarah Breen

Major: Computer Science

Concentration(s): Economics Track

Minor(s): Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Seattle, WA

High School: Holy Names Academy

Activities: Chief of Agency, Teacher’s Assistant, and Student Advisory Board Member for the Athena Digital Design Agency, Treasurer, Head of Social Media, and Executive Board Member of Columbia University HeForShe, Barnard Babysitting, Hair and Makeup Stylist for Hoot Magazine

Internships: CDK Global, Maven Clinic, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1stdibs

Quote: “My favorite class was definitely my First-Year Seminar on Confession, which I took during my first semester at Barnard. It has been one of the smallest classes I have taken since starting school here, and it provided me with a great opportunity to get to know more students in my year at Barnard. Not only was the content of the course really interesting and unique, but I made so many friends in the process. My class and I became very close throughout the semester, discussed really interesting material that has been relevant in later courses I have taken, and even went to our Professor’s apartment for dinner the next semester to catch up!”



Ariana Busby

Major: English

Concentration(s): Film

Hometown: Seattle, WA

High School: Lakeside School

Activities: Barnard Student Admissions Representative; Vice President of Columbia Iranian Students Association; Actor and Writer for several Barnard/Columbia theater groups, including NOMADS, XMAS!, and Columbia University Players; Publicity Manager and Executive Board Member of Columbia University Players; Unit Leader for Camp Kesem Columbia University; New York City Living Editor of the Barnard Bulletin; Barnard Babysitting Agency; Alumnae-to-student mentoring; Office Assistant for Barnard Department of English and Film; Barnard EcoReps

Study Abroad: Semester at Oriel College, University of Oxford, UK

Internships: Franklin & Siegal Associates; Screenwriting Intern for Amy Talkington ’93; Dyslexiaville/The Super d! Show; Barnard Office of Communications

Quote: "My favorite thing about Barnard is how much it lives up to its informal title—being at Barnard has made me bold. Barnard students are unabashedly passionate about that which is important to them: extracurriculars, classes, books, friends. They possess a sincere desire to affect change and challenge themselves and bring a strong sense of determination to whatever they do. Being surrounded by such fierce caring has made me a better friend and a more assertive individual.”



Emily Felsen

Major: History

Concentration(s): Global History

Minor(s): Spanish

Hometown: El Paso, TX

High School: Franklin High School

Activities: Editor-in-chief for Portales (the LAIC Journal of Undergraduate Research), Student Representative for the Office of Admissions, Ritual Committee and Academic Committee Member for Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity, High School Tournament Proctor for the Columbia University Quizbowl, Writer for the Columbia Science Review, Elementary School Tuto

Internships: El Paso Museum of History, Rare Books and Manuscript Library, Columbia University

Quote: "Every fall semester I look forward to one main event: Midnight Breakfast. While there are many Barnard traditions that I enjoy taking part in, Midnight Breakfast stands out for me due to the camaraderie it fosters. For one magical night, the student body forgets its multitudinous finals and comes together for as many pancakes, waffles, and bagels as Dean Hinkson can serve. Sitting on the floor of Diana LL2, laughing with my friends as we excitedly discuss our new favorite albums and our end-of-semester plans are memories I treasure, and that I’ll miss recreating year after year.”



Linda Gordon

Major: History

Concentration(s): Rights Law and the State

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

High School: Santa Monica High School

Activities: Unit Leader and Board Member of Camp Kesem Columbia, Student Government Association Representative for Arts and Culture; Barnard Student Admissions Representative; Barnard Babysitting; Columbia Society for the Advancement of Underrepresented Filmmakers; Volunteer; Research Assistant in the Columbia Archaeology Lab; New Student Orientation Leader; Athena Digital Design; Tow Fellowship Recipient; Vapnek History Research Fellowship; Yale Law School Arthur Liman Public Interest Undergraduate Fellowship

Internships: Public Counsel Immigrant Rights Project; The Impact Fund

Quote: “I applied to Barnard early decision, recognizing the academic rigor, geographic location, and caliber of faculty and peers I would attain at the college were unparalleled. I had a diverse range of interests in high school and I wanted a college where I could pursue them all with a fearless passion and inquisitive mind. Barnard was also one of the few schools which offered a Human Rights major, which I was very interested in pursuing, and offered an impressive range of internships, clubs and social organizations which assured me that I would have more than enough opportunities to pursue while here.”



Isabel Klein

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Oakland, CA

High School: The College Preparatory School

Activities: Treasurer of  Colab Performing Arts Collective, Barnard/Columbia Dances at New York Live Arts, Peer-to- Peer Tutoring, Barnard Outdoor Adventure Team, Barnard Clay Collective, Barnard Babysitting

Study Abroad: University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland

Internships: NASA Langley Research Center, Barnard Summer Research Institute

Quote: “I came to Barnard because I wanted to be a part of the community of women I saw here. This community has turned out to be my favorite thing about Barnard. Barnard women are kind, intelligent, thoughtful, ambitious young women who stand up for themselves, their opinions, and the rights of others. They are also a wacky collection of people with insanely diverse interests. As a result, it’s been easy to be a Chemistry major who dances at New York Lives Arts with Dance majors, and talks about how the London fire of 1660 allowed the rise of Atlantic capitalism, and participates in the Barnard Clay Collective. At Barnard, there is space for everyone to be who they are and to figure out who that actually is.”



Noa Kattler Kupetz

Major: American Studies

Concentration(s): Race and Ethnicity in the Media

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

High School: Milken Community High School

Activities: Head Leader of Barnard Outdoor Adventure Team (BOAT), Health Educator through Peer Health Exchange, Barnard Babysitting, Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP), Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD), Volunteer at Athena Film Festival

Internships: CBS Studios, Blue Bloods Television Show, Red Hour Films, Comcast Innovation Lab, SuperSprowtz

Quote: "My favorite thing about Barnard is the energy. At Barnard, people are excited about their classes, are focused on strengthening the clubs and projects they devote time to, and are aware of the impact we can have on our community and world. Barnard promotes an awareness of personal-potential and cultural understanding. This combination produces students who have the tools to lead in a complex world, and a Barnard support system to grow and learn from.”



Madeline Molot

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior

Hometown: Woodbridge, CT

High School: Amity Regional High School

Activities: Barnard Office of Communications Photographer; Barnard Babysitting; Camp Kesem Columbia (Development Coordinator and PR/Marketing Director); Columbia Daily Spectator (Staff Photographer); Columbia Music Performance Program; Columbia Musical Theater Society; Orchesis; The 122 Annual Varsity Show; XMAS!11 (Choreographer)

Study Abroad: School of International Training (SIT) Community Health and Social Policy program in Durban, South Africa

Internships: Barnard Cognitive Development Center; Summer Research Institute; Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital; New York State Psychiatric Institute; Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Quote: “My favorite class was Organic Chemistry 2 with Professor Merrer. Although Orgo is a notoriously difficult class, Prof. Merrer made it interesting and even, if you can believe it, fun. She was so organized and presented information in a very cohesive way (using her super cool colorful chalk); not only that, she truly loved organic chemistry and she transferred that passion to us through her lessons. I never thought I would actually enjoy a chemistry class, let alone organic chemistry, but it was truly one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”



Armoni Moody

Major: Dance

Minor: Education Studies

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

High School: Dutchtown High School

Activities: President of the Barnard Movement Exchange, President and Artistic Director of the Columbia University Venom Step Dance Team; Barnard Babysitting; Barnard Department of Dance Office Assistant

Domestic Exchange: Spelman College in Atlanta, GA

Internships: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School; Alliance Theater, Sydnie Mosley Dances Inc.

Quote: “I’ll miss my Barnard sisters the most. They say you make lifelong friends in college and that has absolutely been the truth for me. I love the sense of sisterhood and community I have with my Barnard classmates. I know that it won’t be as easy as knocking on a best friend’s dorm room door once we graduate, and that saddens me. But I hope these bonds will only strengthen after we leave the Barnard gates.”



Simisola Olagundoye

Major: Urban Studies

Concentration(s): Sustainable Development

Minor(s): Race and Ethnicity Studies

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria/New York, NY

High School: Peddie School

Activities: Secretary, Co-Concert Chair, and President of Bacchanal Committee, Peer Educator for Well-Woman, Actor and Director of Latenite Theatre, Barnard Bartending, Barnard Babysitting, Resident Assistant, Varsity Show (Social Media), Member of Student Government Association Committee on Housing

Internships: Marketing and Social Media at Propped

Quote: “My favorite thing about Barnard is how familiar it feels while still challenging. I love walking through campus and how it easy it feels to greet and approach people, from students to faculty. However, challenging intellectual conversations still happen in dorms and while I’m just chilling in the Diana which always keeps me on my toes and engaged.”



Talisa Ramos

Major: American Studies

Concentration(s): Race, Ethnicity and Gender Studies in national and transnational spaces from 1900-Present.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

High School: Poly Prep Country Day School

Activities: Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, Education Vice President of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Marketing & Communications Fellow for Barnard’s New York City Civic Engagement Program, Barnard Student Admissions Representative.

Internships: Alumni Affairs Assistant at the Relay Graduate School of Education; Design Intern at Jay Franco & Sons, Inc.

Quote: “As a native New Yorker, Barnard was an incredible option because unlike some of my friends, I couldn’t fathom why anyone with the privilege of being born in NYC would ever leave. Being able to show my friends New York through a native’s eyes has been a wonderful experience and one that has made me fall even more in love with New York. As such, I love the ability to hop on the 1 and find myself in Chelsea for work or by Bryant Park for ice skating with friends. I love knowing that immersing myself in all that New York has to offer isn’t something that I have to wait until summer to begin.”



Emily Silk

Major: Political Science

Minor: Anthropology

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

High School:  The Harvey School

Activities: Kings Crown Shakespeare Troop (Secretary, Stage Manager), Pan-Hellenic Sorority Alpha Omicron Pi (Property Manager), Columbia International Relations Council and Association (Undersecretary General of Committees for Columbia Model United Nations in New York XI, Crisis Directory for Columbia Model United Nations in New York X and Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition XV), and Stage Manager for the Barnard Theater Department and Columbia University Players.

Study Abroad: University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland

Internships: Office of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz, and Tribeca Film Center.

Quote: “I think I will definitely miss living in an environment with so many incredibly smart and kind people. I love being able to walk down the hallway and end up in a conversation about politics, the environment, or new projects going up on campus. I will miss sitting in the Diana Center and running into someone from my class and discussing what we learned that day. I will miss being able to walk to my professor’s office if I have a question about class and then striking up a conversation about current affairs. At no other time in my life will I be living in an environment with so many amazing people and interacting in that environment is definitely what I will miss the most.”