Higher Education Opportunity Programs (HEOP)

The New York State funded Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) and the Barnard Opportunity Program (BOP), specifically for out of state students, provide access to a Barnard education for high-achieving students from disadvantaged financial backgrounds. Students admitted to either the HEOP or BOP Scholars Programs exhibit the spirit, drive, curiosity, and motivation that is characteristic of Barnard students. Our scholars also achieve academically, despite financial and academic disadvantage. 

The HEOP Scholars Program was established at Barnard in 1970 and is funded in partnership with New York State. Students must be residents of New York State in order to apply for the program. Students in the BOP Scholars Program benefit from the same resources and opportunities as HEOP Scholars but are residents of states other than New York. Our scholars are part of a small community with extra mentorship and support to persist through the challenging and exciting transition to college, four years of growth at Barnard, and post-graduation years.

For more information about eligibility and program details, please visit the HEOP website. If you have questions regarding the HEOP/BOP programs, please contact Nikki Chambers, Admissions Counselor, at nchamber@barnard.edu

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) at Barnard College provides services that increase recruitment, retention and placement of eligible students in CSTEP-targeted fields and the licensed professions.  The program targets the historically under-represented (African-American, Latino, Native-American and Alaskan Natives) or the financially disadvantaged Barnard student who intends to pursue or shows ability in the STEM fields, health-related fields and/or the licensed professions. The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is a New York State funded program first introduced in 1986.  Barnard College began its program in 2006 and is sponsored by both the New York State Education department and Barnard College. In addition to academic counseling and tutoring, CSTEP provides paid opportunities for internships and research opportunities, including conference sponsorship, and assistance with graduate school exam preparatory courses.

For more information, please visit the CSTEP website. If you have questions regarding the HEOP/BOP programs, please contact Nikki Chambers, Admissions Counselor, at nchamber@barnard.edu

Science Pathways Scholars Program - (SP)²

The Science Pathways Scholars Program (SP)² is a highly-selective four year program to support talented young women from African-American, Latina, and Native-American/Alaskan Native backgrounds or first generation college students who convey strong interest in biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics/astronomy, or neuroscience. Students who are selected as (SP)² Scholars will benefit from an exceptional set of opportunities and resources, including science faculty mentorship all four years, paid summer research opportunities, and a week-long expenses paid trip to campus for entering students to meet science faculty and tour research facilities and departments.

For more information, please visit the (SP)² website. If you have questions, please contact Marquita Amoah, Senior Admissions Officer, at mamoah@barnard.edu

Double Degree Program with the Jewish Theological Seminary of America 

The Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies of The Jewish Theological Seminary offers dual-degree programs that provide a bachelors's degree from Barnard and a second bachelor's degree in Jewish Studies from List College. This distinctive program enables you to combine the intimate experience of List College - one of the most renowned Jewish studies colleges in the world - with the secular experience of a liberal arts college for women at Barnard. Students are able to engage in intensive study of Jewish History, Jewish Literature, Jewish thought, Bible, Talmud and Hebrew with leading scholars in these fields.  

Students interested in the Barnard-JTS double degree program must file a separate application with JTS. Students interested in financial aid must follow financial aid application requirements for both Barnard and JTS. If you are considering applying via Early Decision please note: As candidates applying Early Decision to the Double Degree program will only be able to submit one application as Early Decision, students are asked to submit their application to JTS as Early Decision and their application to Barnard College as Regular Decision. Both must be submitted by the November 1st deadline. Additionally, it is important for applicants to select the Double Degree Program option under Special Programs in the Academics section of the Common Application for Barnard College. The Offices of Admissions at the Jewish Theological Seminary and at Barnard College will ensure that each application is reviewed as Early Decision for the program.

For more information, please visit the List College website. If you have questions, please contact Christina Lopez, Dean of Admissions, at clopez@barnard.edu

Music Lesson Exchange Program with The Juilliard School or Manhattan School of Music

In addition to the music courses, major, private lessons and many performance opportunities available to Barnard students through our music department and relationship with Columbia, Barnard also offers highly-talented music students the opportunity to apply for the Lesson Exchange Program with Juilliard and/or the Cross Registration Program with the Manhattan School of Music.  Both programs will require a separate application and audition.  The Lesson Exchange at MSM and Juilliard provide private weekly lessons with faculty. It is important to note that the Exchange does not include participation in large ensembles. Students in the Juilliard program can take classes in instrumental or vocal performance (Classical or Jazz) and piano composition. MSM students can take lessons for instrumental or composition only.

For more information regarding the audition requirements and program details, please view the Juilliard website or the Manhattan School of Music website. If you have questions, please contact Marquita Amoah, Senior Admissions Officer, at mamoah@barnard.edu