What makes a strong applicant for Barnard?

The most successful transfer students have high school and college transcripts both with strong outcomes in a rigorous curriculum. To strengthen your profile as a transfer and ensure that you will be more competitive in our applicant pool, we recommend selecting courses in college that might be transferable to a liberal arts and sciences college like Barnard. Look at your relative strengths and weaknesses, and choose classes that will enable us to view your application in the best light. It is also important that you take care in thinking through your answers to both the personal statement on the common application and the required writing supplement.

Application Requirements

1. Submit the Transfer version of the Common Application online at www.commonapp.org.

2. Submit the Writing Supplement for Transfer and Visiting Students online at www.commonapp.org.

3. Submit the $75 application fee online at www.commonapp.org.

4. Request that official transcripts of all college work be sent to Barnard College. If you have attended several colleges, official transcripts must be mailed from each college.

5. Submit one Common Application College Report form to the registrar's or dean's office at the college in which you are currently enrolled. This person must have access to your overall academic record.

6. Submit one Common Application Academic Evaluator recommendation form to a professor in whose class you have been enrolled within the last year.

7. Use the Common Application Mid-term Report Form to submit grades from each instructor for all college courses in progress.

· If one instructor must delay his or her grade, use a second copy of the form and submit those grades already earned immediately; send additional grades when they become available.

· If your school is on a quarter or trimester system, please submit the grades you received for the most recent term.

· If you are not currently attending college, you do not need to submit this form.

· Please do not submit Mid-Semester/Quarter reports until you have handed in enough coursework for professors to assess your work. If reports are submitted in late February or early March (on a semester system), we may contact you for updated grades later in the semester.

· Mid-Term Reports are due November 15 for students applying for January enrollment and April 15 for September enrollment.

· A blank copy of the Mid-Term Report Form can be found here.

8. For Transfer Applicants Only: Request that an official final high school transcript or official GED results be sent to Barnard College. (Visiting students are not required to provide a final high school transcript).

9. For Transfer Applicants Only: Submit official results of the College Board SAT or the ACT Assessment by the application deadline. SAT or ACT scores are required for all transfer applicants regardless of the number of credits earned, years since high school, or if the applicant has not taken a test previously. The College Board code number for Barnard is 2038.The ACT code number for Barnard is 2718.  Exemptions will not be made for this transfer application requirement. 

Score Choice Policy

10. For Transfer Applicants Only: (Optional) Submit the Secondary School Final Report form to your secondary school college counselor or principal.

11. For Transfer Applicants Only: Submit course catalogue/bulletin descriptions for courses from all colleges in which you have been enrolled. Courses should be clearly marked and include full course descriptions. Clear photocopies of course descriptions are acceptable, but must include the appropriate pages listing graduation requirements. If your course catalogue is online, copy and paste course descriptions from your school's online course catalog into a Word document. Include your name and date of birth on each page to ensure we receive all pages and send to transfer@barnard.edu  Failure to submit course descriptions will delay the review of your application.

12. Optional: Submit supplementary portfolios (art—including film, photo, drawing, painting, sculpture—music, dance, theatre, or creative writing) for review only when it represents a substantial amount of time, dedication, and energy. You may access Slideroom here. To ensure we have a solid sense of your commitment, especially if your artistic endeavors represent substantial time and focus, feel free to include a resume of relevant training and achievements. Supplementary material is considered part of the application and will not be returned. 

Please note: Supplementary material will not be reviewed by Barnard faculty and during high volume periods, we unfortunately cannot guarantee it will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.