Who is considered a visiting student?

Undergraduate degree candidates at other colleges who have completed at least one year of college by the date of enrollment may apply for admission as visiting students for one or two semesters. Applicants to the Fall or Spring program must complete the Transfer/Visiting Student version of the Common Application, present a satisfactory college record and a submit a letter of approval from the dean or major adviser from the degree-granting institution. Top

What is the Visiting International Student Program?

As part of Barnard College’s broad initiative to internationalize its campus, the College created the Visiting International Students Program (VISP) for the spring semester only. Through a limited number of collaborative relationships with international universities, our partners send cohorts of 3-15 undergraduate students to Barnard to spend the spring semester as full-time visiting students in residence. For more information on VISP, please visit the VISP websiteTop

Can visiting students live on campus?

Similar to transfer students, while we do our best to assign housing for those who wish to live on campus, we cannot guarantee placement for every visiting student. That being said, we prioritize housing placement for any student who would be outside of commutable range and work closely with students for whom placements cannot be made to help them find appropriate accommodations locally. Top

What courses are visiting students eligible to take?

Visiting Students are eligible to take any class a degree-seeking Barnard student would be eligible to take as long as she meets any stated prerequisites for that course (ie, an introductory course may be required before taking an advanced course or certain seminars may be reserved for majors.) Visiting students are assigned an adviser to assist with navigating registration procedures and to act as a general resource during the student's stay at Barnard. Top

Are internships available to visiting students?

The Office of Career Development (OCD) is a tremendous resource for Barnard students and is a hub for not only internship and career advice, but also for volunteer and civic engagement work and on campus employment. Visiting Students may work with OCD to best prepare themselves for any of these opportunities. Also, note that most Barnard students do not have classes scheduled for Fridays, giving students a full day to devote to gaining practical experience. Top

Can visiting students study abroad or participate in Barnard special programs?

Visiting students cannot participate in the Barnard-Juilliard Exchange Program, Manhattan School of Music Program, Barnard-Jewish Theological Seminary Double Degree Program, or any of Barnard’s study abroad or domestic exchange programs. Top

Are visiting students eligible for financial aid?

Unfortunately, due to limited financial aid funding, visiting students are not eligible for financial assistance. Top