Transfer Students

Barnard has long welcomed transfer students from colleges and universities in this country and abroad. Some of our most well-known alumnae, such as Margaret Mead '23, Zora Neale Hurston '28, and Lauren Graham '88, entered Barnard as transfer students. About 80 transfer and visiting students matriculate to Barnard each fall, and 20–50 enter in the spring.

Transfers find Barnard a welcoming community both because of the flexibility of our curriculum and because of the type of student we attract - goal-oriented and eager to make their mark on the world, articulate without being unapproachable, confident without being arrogant, and ambitious without being ruthless. Transfers find us a wonderful match for their goals and interests. With a supportive community, flexible general education requirements, and a diverse student body, there are many ways for students to fit in quickly.

We accept applications for both the fall and spring semesters.

Am I considered a Transfer Student?

A student who has completed 24-60 transferable credits at another institution following high school is considered a transfer applicant. If you anticipate completing fewer than 24 credits, you must apply as a first-year student. The number of transfer credits accepted by Barnard will be determined by the Office of the Registrar and students will be notified of their credit status at the time of admission. A maximum of 60 points can be transferred from another college or university toward a degree at Barnard College. Applicants who are currently first-year students in college may not apply for Spring transfer admission - we do not admit second-semester first-year students. Students currently enrolled in and in the process of completing at least 24 credits by the end of the term may apply as a transfer applicant.

Pre-evaluations of transfer credit are not conducted by the College. Students are advised to compare and contrast the course descriptions at their institution(s) against Barnard's online course catalogue to gain a sense of possible credit transfer outcomes. Generally, if courses taken at another institution are in alignment with courses offered at Barnard, credit is likely to be awarded but not guaranteed. At this time, we do not grant transfer credit for distance learning courses. Additionally, AP or IB credits are not considered as part of the minimum 24-credit requirement. Students may request credit for qualifying scores upon enrollment at the College.

Admitted transfer applicants receive a transfer credit evaluation with their offer of admission indicating transfererable credits and notification of which Nine Ways of Knowing requirements have been satisfied. Barnard College reserves the right to accept or decline transfer of credits based on specific academic expectations or prerequisites.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the transfer process?

In general, any admissions officer should be able to answer your questions about the process -- if you are visiting the campus, be sure to let the admissions officer leading the information session know you are a prospective transfer student.  Once you apply, if you have more specific questions about your application or transfer of credits, contact the Office of Admissions at and we will route your question to the appropriate staff member. While we cannot accommodate individual appointments, students are welcome to contact the Office of Admissions during business hours to direct questions to our counseling staff. 

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Visiting Students

Are you a degree candidate at another college planning to spend a semester or two at Barnard? Visiting Students love spending time at Barnard for much the same reasons as their degree-seeking peers. They join a small community within a large university and city and are able to choose from more than 3000 classes and reap all the benefits of being in a dynamic urban setting, including internships, co-curricular activities, or simply taking a bite of the Big Apple.

Am I considered a Visiting Student?

Undergraduate degree candidates at other colleges who have completed at least one year of college by the date of enrollment may apply for admission as visiting students for one or two semesters. Applicants to the Fall or Spring program must complete the Transfer/Visiting Student version of the Common Application, present a satisfactory college record and a submit a letter of approval from the dean or major adviser from the degree-granting institution.

Are Visiting Students eligible to live on campus?

Similar to Transfer Students, while we do our best to assign housing for those who wish to live on campus (and are often very successful), we cannot guarantee placement for every visiting student. That being said, we prioritize housing placement for any student who would be outside of commutable range and work closely with students for whom placements cannot be made to help them find appropriate accommodations locally.

What courses are Visiting Students eligible to take?

Visiting Students are eligible to take any class a degree-seeking Barnard student would be eligible to take as long as she meets any stated prerequisites for that course (ie, an introductory course may be required before taking an advanced course or certain seminars may be reserved for majors.) Visiting students are assigned an adviser to assist with navigating registration procedures and to act as a general resource during the student's stay at Barnard.

Are internships available for Visiting Students?

The Office of Career Development (OCD) is a tremendous resource for Barnard students and is a hub for not only internship and career advice, but also for volunteer and civic engagement work and on campus employment. Visiting Students may work with OCD to best prepare themselves for any of these opportunities. (Also, note that most Barnard students do not have classes scheduled for Fridays, giving students a full day to devote to gaining practical experience.)

VISP: The Visiting International Students Program

As part of Barnard College’s broad initiative to internationalize its campus, the College created the Visiting International Students Program (VISP) for the spring semester only. Through a limited number of collaborative relationships with international universities, our partners send cohorts of 3-15 undergraduate students to Barnard to spend the spring semester as full-time visiting students in residence.

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