What is Barnard Bound?

Barnard Bound provides a taste of both Barnard College and New York City for promising young women who will be high school seniors in Fall 2019 and self-identify as students of color (which we define as individuals from Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latina, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, bi- and multi-racial backgrounds), especially those students who couldn’t otherwise afford to visit. Due to limited funding, Barnard Bound is only open to students currently residing within the continential U.S. 

During this two day overnight program, students will have the opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of New York City and Morningside Heights, while getting a full perspective of life as a potential Barnard student. Participants will stay overnight on campus with a current student host within the residence halls. They will also participate in workshops, panels and classes while getting a feel for student life and meeting current Barnard students, faculty and administrators.  Finally, students will learn important details about our admissions and financial aid processes. 


How do students apply to Barnard Bound?

Students must complete the online Barnard Bound Student Application. Students should select 'create new account' to start a new application.  

In addition to the application, the student's guidance counselor or mentor at a college access organization must submit the Barnard Bound Adviser Recommendation to nominate a student. We hope you can help us find intellectually curious students who would be wonderful fits for our community and would benefit from the mentorship and support that Barnard provides. To assist you in your selection, please also view our Barnard Bound Letter to Advisers for more information on the types of students Barnard seeks for this program. 

Finally, a transcript must be sent with the nomination form (this may be an unofficial transcript). We will also require final junior year grades. This can be sent via a final report card. 

The deadline for the student application and all supporting materials is Monday, June 17, 2019. Applications will be submitted online and transcripts and supporting documents can be sent via email (preferred) to barnardbound@gmail.com or by fax (to 212-280-8797). 


Are travel grants available?

Program participation is limited as is our ability to admit every student who applies, but travel grants are made available for students outside of the New York City metro area who demonstrate significant financial need and meet Barnard Bound admission criteria (this includes the potential to succeed at Barnard). Advisers and students will be asked for basic financial information at the time of application to determine qualifications. Travel grant recipients will be notified at the time of program admission.

Expenses for program-related events, subway passes, and meals will be covered by Barnard College for all attendees.


When will students find out if they are Barnard Bound?

We expect to notify all admitted students via email by mid-August.