Environmental justice, original musicals, Indian folk dancing, feminist thought, Buddhist meditation, archery, gospel music, anime, writing, politics, medical needs in developing countries—Barnard students have a multitude of passions and interests, and they share those through more than 500 student organizations at both Barnard and Columbia.

Making an impact through community service

With dozens of ways to give back through volunteering, you’ll encounter a range of issues and challenges—poverty, immigration, the environment, conflict resolution, education, job training, access to the arts, and more. As you speak out for justice, beautify the city, or work with the young, the old, and the disadvantaged, you’ll improve lives and learn how your actions make an impact on the world—and yourself. Community Impact coordinates service programs open to both Barnard and Columbia students.

Students gather for Midnight Breakfast

Figuring out what types of clubs you want to be involved in during your time on campus can be tricky as we offer so many! Have a look at this list and you’ll get a sense of just how many opportunities we have . . .

There are more than 500 student organizations on the Barnard and Columbia campuses.
Barnard students started the all-female improv group Control Top. See what they do.