For my first two years, I lived on the Quad and absolutely loved it. It offered such a strong community, and the friends I made on my hall are the majority of my friends to this day.
Mackenzie Collins
This is the closest group of friends I’ve ever had. And we’re all so different. I have friends who are into sports.
Kiana Davis
As a first-year, I went ice skating at Bryant Park with my entire floor and made some incredible friends that I still stay in touch with!
Hye-Jin Yun
It’s extremely easy to become involved on campus. The trick to finding your leadership niche is to follow your passion.
Naintara Ramoo-Goodgame
Home at Barnard quotes
Life in the residence halls at Barnard.

We’ve made moves to reduce energy use and increase efficiency throughout campus. Barnard is a water bottle-free campus, we use recycled materials whenever possible, and we compost our yard and food waste; our newest building, the Diana Center, is a model of sustainability. You can incorporate environmental issues into your studies or join the Barnard EcoReps to increase environmental awareness on campus. Read more.

Move-In Day
More than 90 percent of students live on campus.

For Adrienne Nel ’16, the Barnard campus, although steeped in the arts and located in New York City, seemed to be missing something. An art history major, she believed that something was a permanent student-art installation . . .