Highlights for Prospective Students
My favorite spot in Morningside Heights
Riverside Park in the warmer months is a great space for picnics with friends. It’s lovely to sit by the water and take a walk when I need to clear my head.
Maame Yaa Buckman
Tea Magic is a favorite of mine. In the beginning, I hated the idea of having little tapioca pearls/boba floating around my tea, but one day it clicked, and now I find myself craving it.
Mackenzie Collins
Cathedral of St. John the Divine is an enchanting place to visit.
Hye-Jin Yun
Awash is an Ethiopian restaurant. The food is amazing and the atmosphere of the restaurant is very conducive to lively conversation.
Sarah Vallancourt

In the neighborhood

7 bookstores
3 round-the-clock shops
3 ice cream parlors
9 newsstands
3 all-night diners
15 ethnic restaurants
2 jazz clubs