Barnard/JTS Double Degree Application Process 

Beginning August 1, 2018, all students applying to the Double Degree Program must submit ONLY the List College (JTS) Common Application and Writing Supplement.  Applicants must select the Double Degree Program at Barnard College to be considered. All supplementary documents should be submitted to the List College Admissions Office. Once complete, all applications and supplementary documents will be shared with the Barnard Admissions Office and applicants will be reviewed jointly by both Barnard and List College. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How is the program structured? 

Students enrolling in Double Degree program will complete requirements for both the BA in liberal arts at Barnard College and the BA in Jewish Studies at JTS. The program is designed to be completed in four years, dependent on Hebrew language proficiency. Depending on major, some summer credits may be necessary. Once enrolled, students will have two advisors - one at Barnard and one at JTS - who will work together to help students navigate course credits and requirements. 


2. Are students fully enrolled at both List College and Barnard College? 

Yes, all students in the Double Degree Program complete the full undergraduate curriculum at both Barnard and List College. Additionally, they have access to all academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities at both schools.


3. Do students take classes at both Barnard and JTS each semester?

Yes, students in the Double Degree Program will take courses at Barnard and JTS each semester. Most students take six courses per semester, often split evenly between both campuses. For at least three semesters students will be expected to maintain full-time status at Barnard (a minimum of four courses). During those semesters, students will take 4-5 courses at Barnard and 1-2 courses at JTS.


4. Where do students in the Double Degree Program live? 

Students in the Double Degree Program have the opportunity to live at either Barnard or JTS. Most first-year students live at Barnard during their first year.


5. How do I apply for financial aid? 

Double Degree applicants interested in financial aid should follow the financial aid guidelines for Barnard College and JTS. When selecting colleges for the FAFSA, be sure to select both Barnard and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. This will ensure that both colleges receive your FASFA information.  In addition, Barnard applicants must also complete the CSS Profile in order to receive a FA package. For more information on financial aid for the Double Degree program, please view our financial aid website


For more information, please visit the List College website. If you have questions, please contact Christina Lopez, Dean of Admissions, at