Counseling Staff


Jennifer Fondiller
Dean of Enrollment Management
Assistant Dean of the College

Travel/Reading Territories: New York (Westchester and Rockland counties), Hawaii, Home-schooled students, Maine (travel only), International: Mainland China



Christina Lopez
Director of Admissions

Travel/Reading Territories: Florida, New York (Manhattan public schools)





Kelly Sutton-Skinner
Associate Director of Admissions
Coordinator of the First-Year Application Review & the Visitor Experience

Travel/Reading Territories: Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Minnesota (reading only), Montana, Nebraska, New York (Brooklyn), North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania (Eastern, travel only), South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, International: Latin America/Caribbean


Brittany Dávila
Associate Director of Admissions
Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment & Transfer Application Review

Travel/Reading Territories: California (Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties, plus counties east), New York (Bronx)



Ann Dachs
Senior Admissions Officer
Director of Pre-College Programs

Travel/Reading Territories: Maine (reading only), New York (Manhattan private schools), Pennsylvania (reading only)




Irma Encarnacion
Senior Admissions Officer
Coordinator of the Barnard Alumnae Admissions Representative (BAAR) Program

Travel/Reading Territories: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota (travel only), Mississippi, Missouri, New York (Long Island), North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin



Joseph R. Martínez
Senior Admissions Officer
Coordinator of International Recruitment

Travel/Reading Territories: All international and US overseas territories (except Latin America, Caribbean, Canada, and Mainland China)




Megan O'Toole
Senior Admissions Officer
Coordinator of Social & Digital Media

Travel/Reading Territories: California (Orange and San Diego counties), Massachusetts (Boston and surrounding suburbs), New Hampshire, Vermont, New York (Staten Island), International: Canada



Sarah Vallancourt
Senior Admissions Officer
Coordinator of the Barnard Student Admissions Representative (BSAR) Program

Travel/Reading Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California (Northern) 




Nikki Chambers
Admissions Counselor
Coordinator of the Senior Interviewer Program

Travel/Reading Territories: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey (Bergen county), Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania (Western, travel only), Texas




Elisabetta Bruscagli
Admissions Counselor
Coordinator of Campus Events

Travel/Reading Territories: Maryland, New Jersey (all counties except Bergen), Virginia, Washington DC




Valerie Tomici
Admissions Counselor
Coordinator of Collegiate Programs (HEOP, BOP, CSTEP)

Travel/Reading Territories: Connecticut, Massachusetts (Central and Western), New York (Queens, counties north of Westchester and Rockland), Rhode Island




Alexandra Fields
Assistant to the Dean of Enrollment Management






Perri Meeks
Admissions Assistant


Operations Staff

Daniel Ortiz, Admissions Systems Manager
LaSharn Barton, Admissions Clerk/Computer Operator
Eduardo Perez, Admissions Clerk/ Computer Operator
Maria Sierra, Admissions Clerk/ Computer Operator
Willie Lugo, Admissions Operations Assistant
Evelyn Feliciano, File Clerk/Data Entry