Erin Bryk

Major: Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures (South Asian Track)

Minor: Political Science

Hometown: Latham, NY                    

High School:  Shaker High School

Activities: The Athena Center for Leadership Studies (Athena Summer Fellowship Program); Barnard Student Government Association (First-Year Class President, Election Commissioner, Seven Sisters Conference Delegate, Sub-Committee on Sexual Assault & Gender-Based Misconduct Member), Columbia University Senate (Committee on the Rules of University Conduct Co-Chair, Student Affairs Committee Member, Commission on the Status of Women Committee Member, Alumni Relations Committee Member), Sigma Delta Tau (Assistant Fundraising Chair and Risk Management Committee Member), Barnard Babysitting Agency, Columbia Urban Experience, Planned Parenthood Activist Council, American Enterprise Institute

Study Abroad: University of Virginia (UVA) in India Program, New Delhi, India

Internships: World Policy Institute, Public Health Foundation of India, Office of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Barnard Pre-College Program: Young Women’s Leadership Institute Program, Learning to Lead: Girls Take Charge

“My favorite thing about Barnard is that it is a supportive institution and is dedicated to my academic and professional success, financial security, and general well-being. Whether it is providing grants for unpaid internships, career services tailored to young women, or space on campus to discuss a pressing issue in our community, Barnard has many resources and supports its students in many ways. I think that attending a women’s college that is specifically tailored to addressing its students’ needs is crucial for having a positive, meaningful college experience.”




      Talia Cuddeback 

Major: Religion

Minor: Political Science

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

High School:  Drew School

Activities: Barnard College Admissions Representative, Pan-Hellenic Sorority Columbia University Kappa Alpha Theta (New Member Committee Leader, Scholarship and Academic Excellence Committee), Athena Scholar, CORE Global Tech Trek Trip to London Spring Break 2016, Columbia University Intramural Soccer, Columbia University Club Running, Columbia University Violin Program Lessons

Study Abroad: Syracuse University Abroad in Madrid, Spain

Internships: Huffington Post, KnowMe Systems, Inc, Mayors Office for International Affairs at the United Nations, United Nations General Assembly

I will miss the intellectual engagement and opportunities for leadership at Barnard. During my time at here, I have thrived in my classes because of my innovative professors, rigorous assignments, and eager-to- learn classmates who encourage me to do my best. I will also miss the never-ending opportunities to get involved in—and lead—campus activities and organizations. Barnard is a vibrant community of students who constantly extend their knowledge outside of the classroom: there is always an activity to join or club to lead, and people who will support you along.”




Waverley Engelman    

Major: Theatre

Concentration(s): Directing

Hometown: Conway, MA

High School:  The Academy at Charlemont

Activities: Public Co-Director and former listener for Nightline Peer Listening, Columbia and Barnard’s anonymous peer-listening hotline, 2016 Global Symposium Fellow, Assistant Director, Set Designer, and crew positions for the Barnard Theatre Department

Internships: The Civilians, Ripe Time, Pop-Up Repair Shop, Barnard Pre-College Program, New Century Theatre

“My favorite thing about Barnard is its diversity. When I toured and researched campus, I was struck by how in addition to diversity of race, religion and sexuality there was incredible diversity in women’s beauty, interests, passions, and lives. I wanted to be a part of a campus where there was not one type of woman, and in Barnard I have been able to have so many conversations and meet so many people who have different points of view from my own. I feel like Barnard created the space for me and my friends to have intellectual, meaningful, and safe conversations. Barnard is incredibly diverse in many important ways, and because we have all chosen such a specific school that is unlike any other college, we can all have in common some of the same values relating to academics and women in common.”





Sydney Everett

Major: Political Science

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

High School: Metro Academic and Classical High School

Activities: Athena Scholars Program, Barnard College Student Government Association (Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Vice President, Committee on Intercollegiate Relations, Campus Life Committee, Columbia Faith and Action, Emerging Leaders Program, Community Impacts Toddler Learning Center, Office Assistant at the Barnard College Political Science Department, Office Assistant at the Barnard College Office of Development, Barnard College Senior Fund

Internships: Office of US Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay, FOCUS St. Louis, FleishmanHillard

“I have enjoyed many of my classes at Barnard but one of my favorites was my first year seminar Shapes and Shadows of Identity. I took this class my first semester at Barnard and it was my first real interaction with college reading and writing. This class is one of my favorites because of the material, I enjoyed the texts we read and the opportunity that the class provided to explore different cultures through the personal lens of the authors and narrators of the texts.”




Kiana Harris          

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Freeport, NY       

High School:  Freeport High School

Activities:  Treasurer and Program Coordinator at Columbia University STRIVE, Columbia ABP

Internships: Amgen Scholars Program at the National Institutes of Health, Barnard Scientific Research Institute

“New York City has a plethora of opportunities both academically and culturally. Last summer when I was participating in the Amgen Scholars program at the National Institutes of Health, I networked with many people who had connections and put me in contact with people who were scientific researchers in NYC.  Going to school in NYC, you will have mandatory events or assignments that encourage you to travel to other parts of Manhattan or one of the other boroughs. Through this you meet so many interesting people, and also discover new places to hang out or study.”




Chelsea Hartney 

Major: Urban Studies

Concentration(s): Art History

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

High School: Pine Crest School

Activities: Athena Scholar, Barnard Student Admissions Representative, VP: Membership of Delta Gamma, Orientation Leader for the New Student Orientation Program, Design Associate at Columbia Daily Spectator, Junior Marshal, Barnard Babysitting, Tour Guide and Outreach Chair for Meet Me at the Museum, Athena Digital Design Agency

Study Abroad: Columbia University Reid Hall in Paris, France

Internships: Venture for America, City Parks Foundation/SummerStage, Big Mouth Records, Fermata Entertainment, ion interactive

“My favorite class is actually the one that made me become an Urban Studies major in the first place. My first year seminar class, taught by Professor Elizabeth Hutchinson, was called The Hudson: America’s River. We studied the Hudson River through various lenses, such as the art historical lens by studying the Hudson River School of Art, the biological lens by studying the diverse species inhabiting the river, and the historical lens by studying important events that happened along the river making NYC what it is today. We even used GIS technology to look at the transition of the island of Manhattan over time. I loved this class because it was exactly what I’d hoped to get out of Barnard: a curriculum that allowed me to think critically across disciplines. With thirteen students, it was the perfect way to build a tight-knit relationship with my professor and classmates.”




Sara Heiny         

Major: English

Minor: History

Concentration(s): Science, Technology, and Environment

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN  

High School: Lawrence Central High School

Activities: President of Barnard’s Student Government Association, Representative for Academic Affairs in Student Government, Writing Fellow, Research Assistant and Student Reporter for Columbia’s Center for Science and Society, Senior Advisor to Columbia Classical Performers, Music Performance Program participant and Pit Musician

Study Abroad: Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme, Cambridge, England

Internships: Comcast Spotlight with the Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media

“One night, my friends and I dragged a set of Diana tables and chairs out under the Magnolia tree to watch a lunar eclipse. We took our homework with us, and raced to  get through an incredibly long renaissance play. Some scenes were so absurd, we could hardly sit five minutes in silence without pronouncing some comical phrase and spiraling into fits of laughter. Lounging under a tree, laughing through our homework… when the eclipse had passed, you could hear the cheers and applause echoing across Broadway from College Walk. This sort of community, one that revels in intellectual pursuits, encourages curiosity and gives you the space to engage with the world around you, is what I will miss most about Barnard.”



Isabelle Holt

Major: Biological Sciences

Hometown: Watertown, MA  

High School:  Homeschooled/Harvard University Extension School 

Activities:  Resident Assistant, Speaking Fellow, Programmer at WKCR’s Classical Department, Volunteer for Columbia Youth Adventurers, Beat Chief at Columbia Spectator, Orchesis.  

Study Abroad: Pembroke College, Oxford University, England 

Internships: Undergraduate Research Assistant in Dr. Krista McGuire’s Tropical Ecology Microbiology Laboratory, Environmental Educator at Felix Neck Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary, Undergraduate Research Assistant at Oxford University’s Oceans Science Research Group, Summer Research Institute

“Though I took Photo I to fulfill my Visual Arts requirement, it quickly became one of my favorite classes at Barnard because of the way professor Roma pushed us to develop as artists and individuals. One of the things that has unified my academic experience at Barnard is how much each and every professor cares about his or her student’s successes.” 




Emily London             

Major: Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures (Middle Eastern Track)

Additional Designation(s): Athena Scholar

Hometown: Dover, MA         

High School: Noble and Greenough School

Activities: Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), First Year Fellowship at Hillel, Theatre, NOMADs, and XMAS! Productions, Steering Committee and Executive Board Member of Peace by P.E.A.C.E, President of Kesher Board, Jewish Life Orientation Leader at Columbia/Barnard Hillel

Study Abroad: Honors Peace and Conflict Studies program at University of Haifa; Haifa, Israel

Internships: Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, Leo Baeck Education Center, Clinton Foundation, J Street, Jewish Women’s Archive

"As a Barnard College of Columbia University student, I feel connected to the University yet rooted in Barnard. I love all of the opportunities and experiences I have access to as a CU student, but I also love my ‘home base’ at Barnard. The Barnard community supports each other and deeply takes care of each other. My time at Barnard has taught me both how to ask for help in all aspects of my life, academic and non-academic, and also it has given me the tools to support my friends and my community in return.”



Noelle Markle

Major: Urban Studies

Concentration(s): Education

Hometown: Selinsgrove, PA  

High School: Selinsgrove Area High School

Activities: Fundraising/Spirit Events Chair of FeelGood CU, Treasurer of the CU Glee Club, Senior Health Educator of the Peer Health Exchange, Barnard Babysitting

Internships: The School at Columbia University, The Fresh Air Fund Career Awareness Program, Counselor, Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way

“My favorite class was Contemporary Issues in Education because it was the first in a series of classes that have pushed me to think completely differently about education and to recognize that changing our education system is the most important and powerful way to change our nation. Professor Cole-Taylor was a master of conveying how serious the problems in United States education are without ever causing us to lose hope that change can be made. I was absolutely fascinated by each and every class and reading. I was completely convinced by this experience to specialize in education, which has allowed me to go on to observe in actual urban schools and to seek opportunities to work with students who have been disadvantaged by the urban school system through organizations like The Fresh Air Fund and Peer Health Exchange.”



Anne-Caroline Midy             

Major: Urban Studies (Pre-Medical Track)

Concentration(s): Sociology

Hometown: Houston, TX       

High School: The Awty International School

Activities: Facilitator of Perspectives on Diversity, Barnard BLUE, Board member for Columbia University GlobeMed, Mentor for the Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters, Barnard Babysitting, Volunteer at the Athena Film Festival, Take Barnard Home

Internships: Girls Inc., Global Health with GWED-G in Gulu, Uganda

“I first learned about Barnard while watching an interview on PBS with Deborah Spar. She highlighted the school’s major objective: to form the future leaders of the scientific, political, and economic fields. This statement spoke volumes to me as a young woman who wanted to immerse herself in a field largely dominated by men. I chose to attend Barnard because I believed—and still believe—that the college’s environment cultivates strong, dedicated, powerful, bold, and unapologetic students who have the skills and confidence to get anything they desire out of life.”



Camila Puig 

Major: History

Minor: Environmental Science

Concentration(s): Gender, Sexuality, and the Family

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

High School: United World College, Atlantic College  

Activities: Resident Assistant, Member of Divest Barnard from Fossil Fuels, Member of Columbia International Relations Council and Association, Athena Summer Fellow, Barnard Student Admissions Representative

Internships: BCL Communications, Alstom, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

“My favorite class has been Critical Approaches to Social and Cultural Theory, which I took first semester of first-year. I chose this class quite randomly and soon realized that I was in for a transformative experience. This class forced me to unlearn much of my understanding of how and why power structure functioned and replace it with a critical lens of anti-colonial, feminist, queer, anti-racist understanding. Everything from the incredible - campus celebrity - Professor Tadiar to the other students in the class had me in complete awe. After taking this class I finally had the words and methods to understand and explain aspects of society that I had questioned before but without knowing why.”




Emily Shoyer               

Major: Art History

Minor: English

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD

High School:  Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Activities: Columbia Community Impact, Committee on Arts and Culture for the Barnard Student Government Association, Student Curator at Postcrypt Art Gallery, Representative for Arts and Culture for the Barnard Student Government Association, Social Chair of Bayit Beit Ephraim (Columbia/Barnard Jewish Food Co-Op), Member of Columbia Delta Gamma Zeta Theta, Founding Member, Curriculum Developer, and Tour Guide for Meet me at the Museum

Study Abroad: Columbia University Reid Hall in Paris, France

Internships: Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, Artspace, Addison Ripley Fine Arts, Kaller Fine Arts, Christie’s Inc., The Jewish Museum, The Whitney Museum of Art

“The caliber of my classmates at Barnard is my favorite thing about this college because they inspire me daily. My friends and classmates have helped me to actualize myself. Learning to appreciate the success of those around you rather than compare yourself to them is one of the most important skills I have learned at Barnard.”