How to arrange a class visit

The vitality of intellectual life at Barnard is best sampled in the classroom, where small groups of students freely engage with professors.

 Registration for class visits is required. All available semester courses are linked below. Please note that the majority of our classes do not meet on Fridays.

Click here to register to observe a Spring 2017 class. 

* Note: If you are looking for a dance/theatre technique or performance course, you will need to contact those departments in advance. See the section below for details.

Interested in a theatre or dance class?

If you’re interested in attending a theatre or dance technique or performance course, please review the appropriate websites and reach out to the designated departmental contact before visiting classes.

The theatre department prefers that only admitted students be permitted to attend performance classes, but will welcome inquiries from interested students via phone, email, or by appointment.  (The department expects that performers understand the challenging impact of outside visitors in performance settings.)  If you are an admitted student visiting for open house, please contact the department for course options.

The dance department prefers that prospective students have a conversation with department contacts before participating in or observing a technique class.  The department requests that interested students complete this form.   Please note that Advanced Studio, Rehearsal & Performance, Senior Seminar and Senior Project are not open to prospective students.  Dance courses are available for admitted as well as prospective students. Please review class visit information via the Dance department's FAQ listing.

Department contacts and frequently asked questions for both departments can be found here, theatre or dance.

Both departments understand that the process of selecting an appropriate program in theatre or dance is a complex one and are delighted to help students learn as much as they can about their departments. In order to serve the needs of continuing and prospective students, each department requests that you do not drop by without connecting with staff beforehand.